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Mild stimulation of acupuncture points using super fine, sterile, single use needles.

Acupressure, Tunia & Massage Therapy:
Chinese Massage or therapeutic massage used for relief of muscular aches and pains.

Herbal heat treatment used to gently warm the body and stimulate blood flow for healing.

Traditional Chinese Suction cups are used to stimulate haling, clear colds & flu and/or for relaxation and massage.

Electro acupuncture:
The electro stimulation is often attached to needles for added endorphin release to ease pain and stimulate blood flow for healing.

Magnets, Ear seeds, Gusha & other tools:
There are many tools available to an acupuncturist used to manage skin conditions such as psoriasis, and for supplementing treatment for a take home effect. These are always demonstrated and explained before use.

Chinese Herbal Formulas:
Once a root diagnosis is established herbal treatment can offer further support and may be recommended to speed recovery. These come in easily managed capsules and are an optional purchase in addition to base treatment.



Member of NZASA, ACC Treatment provider

Leon Jiang
Master Degree of
Traditional Chinese
Medicine Majoring
Acupuncture ( China)

Anna Deng
Bachelor Degree of
Traditional Chinese
Medicine ( China)


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