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What Conditions may be able to assist by us?

Low back and sacroiliac pain, tennis elbow, knee & wrist strain, neck/shoulder pain, sciatica.Joint swelling/pain, thoracic pain, muscle strain, hip pain carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury (OOS), sports injuries.

Sinusitis, hay fever, bronchitis, cough, painful respiration and emphysema.

Ear, nose and throat:
Tinnitus, nerve deafness, sinusitis, nose bleed, loss of smell.

Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, gastritis, hyperacidity, nausea, spastic colon.

Angina, palpitations, cold extremities.

Women’s health
Period pain, premenstrual syndrome, irregular menstruation fertility disorders.

Morning sickness, foetal malposition, insufficient lactation, pregnancy tune-up, assistance with deliveries.

Men’s halth:
Erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, poor sperm quality.

Uro-genital disorders:
Bed wetting, urinary retention, cystitis, urinary tract infection.

Skin disorders:
Acne, eczema, painful scars.



Member of NZASA, ACC Treatment provider

Leon Jiang
Master Degree of
Traditional Chinese
Medicine Majoring
Acupuncture ( China)

Anna Deng
Bachelor Degree of
Traditional Chinese
Medicine ( China)


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